File Manager

From the Menu select "Content/File Manager".
The File Manager lets you upload and browse files on your server. The default directory is usually yourcmsfolder/uploads. That means that you can browse any files that are found in the uploads folder and its sub-folders. You can change the default directory in config.php.
Browsing the folders is as easy as to click on the folder or the folder names. Clicking on a file name opens that file in a new window.

Create New Folder

Create new dir.jpg
To add a sub-folder, type a name in the field for "Create new directory:" and click OK. This way you can create as many levels of folders as you like. The new folder becomes a sub-folder to the current folder/directory.

Upload Files

First choose the "Upload Files" tab. To upload a file to the current directory, click Browse, find the file on your computer and click OK. The URL to the file you uploaded will then be uploads/name_of_folder/filename. Default, you can upload five files at a time (see settings).


In the settings tab you have the possibility to change the behaviour of the File Manager.
  • Enable Advanced Mode - This setting allows you to work outside the /uploads directory. You also need this setting to use the setting "Show hidden files".
  • Show hidden files - Only effective with advanced mode on.
  • Show thumbnails - Enabling this will show thumbnails of image-files if they exist, and will hide the actual thumbnail-file. Disabling will simply show all files.
  • Icon size - Choose Small or Large icons.
  • Number of uploadboxes - You can choose between 1 and 10.
  • Thousand delimiter - You can choose between a "." a "," or none.
  • Permission Style - Choose what yuo like: 755 style or rwx style.


Optional Workaround: Fix Permission Denied Errors on some web hosts =====
On some web hosts, such as using php5.cgi on, files are always uploaded with a chmod permission of 0600.
Changing the "File Creation Mask (umask):" in Site Admin -> Global Settings: and $config['default_upload_permission'] didn't seem to have any effect on one website.
To prevent permission denied errors when trying to view uploaded files, the following can be done:
  • Open modules\FileManager\action.upload.php
  • After the line: if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$id."file_".$i]["tmp_name"],$thispath)) {
Add these 2 lines:
  # // Fix permissions: Read and write for owner, read for everybody else
  # chmod($thispath, 0644);
Now files uploaded through the File Manager module should be uploaded with 0644 permissions.

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