User Preferences

The options on this page enable a user to change some aspects of how the CMSMS admin area works for them.
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Select WYSIWYG to use

Choose a WYSIWYG editor to use from this list, if more than one is installed. If you want to be brave you can choose "none" and edit HTML directly.

Select syntax highlighter to use

If you have a syntax highlighter installed then you can choose to use it here.


When you edit a Global Content Block (GCB) you can choose whether to use the WYSIWYG editor or not.


Choose the language used in the Admin area here.

Date Format String

Choose how dates and times are displayed. Until a wiki page is made, a useful guide to setting this can be found on

Administration Theme

In the unlikely event that you have more than one admin theme installed, you can choose which to use here.

Administration Shortcuts

Select or deselect if you want to use the Administration Shortcuts.

Hide help links

If you don't want the links to the community wiki to show up on each admin page then just untick this option.


Choose which admin page this user will have displayed by default. Very useful if, for example, all your work is done on the News page and you don't wish to click through to there after every login.

Content Display

If you wish to use indentation to emphasise the site content hierarchy, check this option.

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