CMS Made Simple Terms

Admin Console
The administration interface of CMS Made Simple, by default it is accessed at
Admin Panel
The Admin Console was in older versions called Admin Panel.
An abbreviation for "Content Management System"
An abbreviation for "CMS Made Simple"
Frequently Asked Questions (preferable with the answers)
An abbreviation for "Global Content Block"
Global Content Block
Reusable bits of content that can be inserted into pages or templates via a tag. Abbreviated as GCB.
Extensions add functionality to CMSMS. There are three main types of extensions: Modules, Tags (plugins), and User Defined Tags.
Is what Global Content Blocks used to be called.
Modules are additions to the CMSMS core, that add functionality to the basic features of CMSMS. Some modules are included with CMSMS (such as the News module), but the vast majority of available modules are developed by third parties and are available separately. Modules reside in their own directories within the "modules" directory.
Is another name for a Tag. May also refer to a similar type of add-on for Smarty.
Pretty URLs
Also known as "search engine" or "human" friendly URLs. An optional configuration of CMSMS when used in conjunction with Apache's URL rewriting abilities to transform long and confusing URLs into short, easier-to-read URLs.
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Tags are single scripts that add functionality to CMSMS. They do not have administrative interfaces like a module usually does. Tags are also known as plugins, as they reside in the "plugins" directory.
"Tag" can also refer to the general syntax of adding a module, tag (plugin), or UDT, to a template or page. An example tag is {cms_selflink page='about' text='about us'}; or to the syntax used in Smarty, such as {$|date_format:"%D"}
A template lays out the page (site template) or an individual module’s portion of content (such as a news module template). They are written in a mixture of HTML and Smarty syntax.
An abbreviation for "User Defined Tag"
User Defined Tag
User-defined tag. User defined tags are similar to Tags (plugins) but are added to the system via the Admin Console (without the starting and ending PHP tags).

Other Common, Relevant Terms

Very popular web server software; and the one recommended for use with CMSMS.
Control files used by the Apache web server to change its configuration on a directory by directory basis. Commonly used to enable and configure options such as URL rewriting ("Pretty URLs") via mod_rewrite.
File Transfer Protocol. A method of transferring files to/from a web server.
Most commonly used database for use with CMSMS.
The programming language CMSMS is written in.
A web-based tool for managing MySQL databases, including exporting (backup) and importing (restore) databases. Offered by many web hosts, or can be installed separately.
Another common database which is compatible with CMSMS.
Is the templating engine used by CMSMS. It is responsible for how CMSMS separates 'design' from 'content'.

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