Global settings

Clear Cache

Clears the CMSMS cache contents causing pages to be rebuilt from scratch for all new requests to the site. This can be necessary after some maintenance jobs, such as making changes to config.php for example. The documentation, or forums, will usually tell you when this is necessary.

Site Name

This sets the overall site name that appears in the browser's title bar when viewing and is available for use in template via the {sitename} tag.

File Creation Mask

The File Creation Mask is applied to files which are uploaded through File Manager and Image Manager. It follows umask rules.


Be careful about changing the "File Creation Mask (umask):" setting. It can cause some files to be unreadable (like Captcha images used in the Comments module). If in doubt, set it back to the default: 022

File creation mask 022 makes files created have a chmod of 755 (777 - 022 = 755)

You may have to change File Creation Mask (umask): from "022" to "002" to keep from getting 403 forbidden errors when trying to view generated thumbnails on your webhost.

Another option is to change the umask to 00122 which will give: Owner - Read,Write Group - Other - Read

Test button

Here you can test the File Creation Mask. On my system (Vista) the result was: Owner: N/A Permissions: N/A

This N/A result is more than likely because the NTFS filesystem Vista uses (like most other Windows versions). A Unix-like system will give another response.

Maximum amount of time (seconds) stylesheets can be cached in the browse

This parameter should be set relatively high for static sites, and should be set to 0 for site development

Default Language for the Front End

This tells multi-lingual extensions (for example search and news) what language to use when displaying controls or text in pages.


Allows the selection of a particular default WYSIWYG content editor if any have been installed as extensions in addition to the standard one.

Disallow WYSIWYG editors on global content blocks

Select or deselect the box.

Global Metadata

Allows metadata markup (<meta> tag items) to be entered which should be applied to all pages on the site. To get them in your site's source, you should add {metadata} to your template in the head section. Metadata added at Global Metadata should be fully coded:

<meta name="description" content="description of the content" />

<meta name="keywords" content="keywords, separated by comma" />

<meta name="author" content="the author's name" />

To get different metadata for each page, such as different keywords, you have to put that metadata code on the concerning page at the options tab. If you put keywords on both places, they are displaid double in your page source. See [edit page]

Enable Custom 404 Message

Activates a custom "404 - Not found" message.

Custom 404 Error Message:

Enter HTML to generate the custom not found error page.


Select the template to use when displaying the custom not found error page.

Enable Site Down Message

Displays the standard down for maintenance message to site visitors.

Site Down Message

Enter HTML to generate the site down message page.


Unlike the 'not found' message the site down message doesn't incorporate a CMSMS template or in fact provide any of the pre- and post-page content that CMSMS generates for a normal page. So any content you must have here you will need to provide yourself.

Check for new CMS versions using this URL

If this url is the word "none" no checks will be made. An empty string will result in a default URL being used.

Clear any cached version check information on submit

The new 1.3 has a function built in that checks if you're running latest version. If not, the message is shown on the main admin-page, similar to the install-folder existence after an install...

When selecting this option, the cache concerning the check-information will be cleared, making sure that the next entry does a clean check, instead of looking at some cached information....

Administration Theme

Select the active theme for the administration panel if any have been installed.

Disable admin safe mode warning

Allow parameter checks to create warning messages

Date Format String

strftime formatted date format string. Try googling 'strftime'

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