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To create a new page you first have to make a link to that new page. To do this edit an existing page which you want to have the link to your new page. In that existing page create the link simply by typing the name between double square brackets [[Link title]] or by pressing the Wiki internal link.png icon and replacing the text Link title with the name of your new page.

You can give the new page the name you want, but for self-documenting reasons, it is best to think before you write. Otherwise the wiki will be a mess quickly.

e.g. When you have a page about subject topic1 in the the handbook wiki it is best to call the page wiki/topic1. If in topic1 you make another subpage called topic2 you best call it wiki/topic1/topic2.

Save this page and the newly created link will show up in red. Click this link and the new page will open in edit mode. Fill it with the text you had in mind.

To give the new page the same look and feel as other pages in this wiki, it is advisible to copy/paste the following lines in your new page. Put the {{LanguageFooter}} at the bottom.
{{User Handbook TOC Inline}}
== Put here the name of the page ==
put here the rest of your page.
=== use this type header for a new paragraph ===
See the wiki glossary for a brief explanation of the above.
When you added the page you must make sure that the page will not be lost. It would be a waste if no one can find the page. So, put a link in the Table Of Contents. First click the small edit link Editlink.png at the bottom of the Table Of Contents.
Then click the edit link at the top. At a link to your place in the appropriate place. Give it the right amount of "stars" at the left of the line, to give it the right indentation.
Note: If you want a link to show up with a different text, put a pipe character behind the link followed by the wanted text. e.g. [[wiki/topic1/topic2|xxxxx]] will show up as xxxxx.

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