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There will be no edit links on each paragraph available. As far as i can see this is not used throughout the manual and it looks better without anyway.

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#REDIRECT [[link_to_other_page]]
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Some wiki markup

Some text attributes
''Italicized text''
'''Bold text'''
'''''Italicized & Bold text'''''

A * in the first column of a line creates a bulleted list. You can create sub-items by adding an extra *.
* Topic 1
** sub-Topic 2
  • Topic 1
    • sub-Topic 2

A # in the first column of a line creates a numbered list. You can create sub-items by adding an extra #.
# Topic 1
## sub-Topic 2
  1. Topic 1
    1. sub-Topic 2

A "space" in the first column of a line creates a frame around the text.
 Line 1
 line 2
You can also do this with the <pre> en </pre> tag.
  Line 1
  line 2


A ; (semicolon) in the first column starts a new paragraph with highlighted heading
Like this line.
;Like this line.
A : (colon) in the first line
starts a new paragraph - like this - intented.
:starts a new paragraph - like this - intented.


To structure your Wiki-page use headings
Level-1-Heading (DO NOT USE IT IN THIS WIKI !)
= Level 1 Heading =
Level-2-Heading (USE IT for the main page heading)
The level-2 heading of this page is "Wiki Glossary".
== Wiki Glossary ==
A level-3 heading of this chapter is "Headings".
=== Headings ===
and so on ...


Internal Links
[[internal link name]]
[[internal link name|displayed text]]
External Links
[[http://www.url.tld/targetpage.html displayed text]]

Please don't add links to personal websites!

Further information are stored at [].


To use images on your wiki page you have to upload the image file(s) first. An the bottom of the Wiki-page you see a tab-bar. Click on the tab "upload file".
and then fill out the upcoming form (some terms are in German here, sorry):

To display the uploaded images, use the tag
  • name: filename
  • type: 'thumb' / 'thumbnail', 'frame', or 'border'. Causes image to be displayed with specific formatting.
  • location: 'right', 'left', 'center' or 'none'. Determines placement of the image on the page. Defaults to 'right'.
  • size: {width}px or {width}x{height}px, scales the image to be no greater than the given width and height, keeping its aspect ratio.
  • upright: for use only on images that are taller than they are wide. This scales the image differently, considering both width and height instead of only width. A parameter can be added to adjust the size: for instance "upright=1.5" will make the image larger, useful for maps or schematics that need to be larger to be readable.
  • text: Specifies the alt text, title text, or caption for the image.

The upper picture was integrated with:

For further information refer:
Note: It seems that some minor attributes (e.g. thumb) do not work here.

Further help

For futher help concerning the MediaWiki markup language have a look at:

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