Adding News

To use the news module, add the {news} tag to your page content.

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News can be added to your site automatically. As an editor, all you have to do is to navigate to "Content/News" in the Admin Console. To add a news article, click on “Add Article” or select the item you want to edit.

In the News Interface, all fields with * next to the field label are mandatory. These are the fields you can fill in:
  • Title: (*) – A brief title for your news article.
  • Category: (*) – Select a category for your news article. Each category can be displayed separately on your site.
  • Summary: – A summary of the news article. This will display on the News summary page and also as an introduction to the news article on the News details page. You can leave this field empty. You can turn on/off the WYSIWYG editor. Turning WYSIWYG off allows you to enter plain HTML.
  • Content: (*) – This is where you enter all the news details. If you don’t enter anything in the Summary field, what you enter in the Content field will instead be displayed on the News summary page. Here too you can switch on/off the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Extra:
  • Post date: – This is the date and time when you are posting this news article (defaults to the current time, so you only need to change it if you want another date and time to be displayed)
  • Status: (*) – You can write a news article without publishing it. Then select Draft here (and publish it later). To publish a news article, select “Publish” in the dropdown list.
  • Use Expiration Date: – If you want the news article to only display from and/or to a certain date, then check this box. The news article will then be displayed on your page between the dates that you select in “Start Date” and “End Date”.
  • Start Date/End Date: You don’t need to care about these dates if you haven’t checked "Use Expiration Date". But if "Use Expiration Date" is checked, then select when to display the news article on your home page here.

When you have filled the mandatory fields, click Submit. If you selected "Published" as status, then your news article will immediately be published on your page when it also meets the "Start Date/End Date" parameters when the "Use Expiration Date" is checked.

For more information on News goto "Content/News".

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