Notice: The versions displayed here represent the latest XML files uploaded to your selected repository CMS Made Simple (usually the forge). They may or may not represent the latest available versions. You may want to view the available file releases on the repository you have selected. If you are using the default repository, you can do this by typing in the module name into the search box on the forge and clicking on the "Files" button.
Use at Your Own Risk: The modules displayed here are contributed by both the CMS Made Simple Developers, and independant third parties. We make no guarantees that the modules available here are functional, tested, or compatible with your system. You are encouraged to read the information found in the help and about links for each module before attempting the installation. In some cases you need other modules installed before installing the one you want.
Note: It is always a good idea to make a backup (database and files) before (un)installing or upgrading a module.
Note: There is a list of modules available at the CMS Made Simple Forge.

Install a module from an archive

  1. Extract the .tar.gz or .zip file so you have the module folder.
  2. Copy it into your modules directory
  3. Go to "Extensions -> Modules" in the Admin and click the "Install" link next to it
  4. Then click the "Help" link to see how to use it.

Install a module via XML

If a modules releases a .xml file, you can install the module using that file instead of the .tar.gz or .zip file:
  1. First make sure you have made your "modules" folder fully writable (chmod 777)
  2. Under "Install module via XML file" choose a module XML file from your computer and click the "Submit" button.
  3. Now click the "Install" link next to the module that you just uploaded.
Note: The downside of installing modules via XML is that on some webservers you won't be able to modify the modules files in modules/ModuleName because they will be owned by the web server user and not you, this makes patching Module files difficult.

Install a module via "Extensions/Module manager"

Go to "Extensions/Module manager" and browse till you find the module you want. First read the Help-link and the About-link at the right of its row to make sure if there are dependencies or reasons not to install the module. Click on the "Download & Install"-link to install the module. Read the Help to see how to use it.

Share a module via XML

The XML button in the export column of each module row allows you to export the current version of any module you have installed to an .xml file. This file can then be sent via email (or any mechanism you choose) to another CMS user. Clicking on this button will prompt you for a location to save the XML file to.

Using modules

Modules usually show up through the Admin Console. That is where you start to configure them.

Upgrading modules

Usually you just overwrite all files in the modules/ModuleName folder with then new versions and then click the "Upgrade" link next to the module name in "Extensions -> Modules" if it exists. But the Help may give you other instructions.

Help for Specific Modules

There are a lot of Modules available for CMS Made Simple and that amount is still growing. For some Modules people put some information on this site which might help you installing or working with that modules. The pages referenced here might be outdated though or even not valid at all, anymore. Don't read all these pages unless you are installing or using that particular module.

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