I am an Administrator

A big part of this documentation is for you - but you'll probably want to read up on the content for editors and designers too so you know what they'll be up to.
We suggest you start with adding new users and groups so that you can create logins for your contributors to get them started.
Next have a look at site admin and the admin log so you know what that's all about and how to see who's done what.
Then have a look at Extensions so you begin to have some idea of how to expand CMSMS when your needs change.
Finally, but most importantly, sign up to and check out the forums at http://forum.cmsmadesimple.org/ (or use the Forum button above of course).
There are answers to hundreds, if not thousands, of questions - and if you can't find your answer there - you can ask us for help too. For best results - read the forum article How To Submit a Question So You'll Actually Get Help before you do.

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