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If you 
  • want to try out a lot of what "CMS Made Simple" is capable of on a local PC only;
  • don't want to be bothered with a webserver hosting provider;
  • don't want to pay anything (if you do like CMS Made Simple a donation is always welcome though);
  • are running Windows XP or Windows Vista and don't know or don't like Linux;
  • normally run away after reading a few lines of the Requirements page (help, what are they talking about);

Then this page may be something for you, although you need some basic understanding of how a computer works. If you are lucky everything in these instructions works right away. If you are not so lucky you can quit or you have to look for the appropriate information in the documentation of that "Problem Software" or visit their homepage or their forum. That is of course up to you.

If later on you want to go online on the internet i advise you to read some more then only this page. I suggest you read the appropriate documentation from Apache, PHP and MYSQL. In that case you also need to know something about networking and security.

Install wampserver

-->> Download wampserver from Most people on this forum are familiar with XAMPP instead as it is a more well-known program. XAMPP website.

-->> Execute the downloaded executable (something like WampServer 2.0c.exe) (xampp-win32-1.7.3.exe at the time of this writing). Acknowledge the questions asked and leave everything default. When you get a Windows Security Alert choose Unblock. That's it. You can test if everything works fine by pointing your browser to http://localhost. If a wampserver page appears you are ok, so far.
Note: After installing XAMPP you will see an extra icon in the system tray where you can control wampserver (stop/start the services if you have problems). If XAMPP doesnot start automatic after a boot of your PC you can start it manually. In your Windows Start menu look for XAMPP Control Panel.

Install CMS Made Simple

-->> Download CMS Made Simple from (look for the file with something like full.tar.gz in the name e.g. cmsmadesimple-1.4.1-full.tar.gz). "Full" package includes support for many languages. People only interested in English language will save space and time with the "base" package.

-->> Extract ("Pak uit naar" in Dutch) gz-file to tar-file.
-->> Extract ("Pak uit naar" in Dutch) tar-file to directory.
Note: If you don't have an extract-program, you can download one for free at After installing this program you can right-click the cmsmadesimple file and extract the file, see the pics above.
-->> Rename the last extracted directory to something like cmsmadesimple (just remove the extra characters). Drag this cmsmadesimple directory and drop it in c:\xampp\htdocs\

create the MYSQL database.

-->> With the XAMPP package you also installed phpmyadmin for easy administrating the MYSQL database. In your web browser go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin. In the Create Database field type the new name of the database: cms and click create. The database is ready.

Create an empty config.php

-->> Create an empty C:\xampp\htdocs\cmsmadesimple\config.php file with the Windows Explorer. Right-click in the given directory and choose "new/text document".
-->> Change the name in config.php. make sure the file type is PHP, not TXT or text document.
. In Notepad, save a blank page with the filename "config.php" including the quotes.

Start the installation script

We walk through the installation, based on version 1.4.1. Point your browser to http://localhost/cmsmadesimple.
-->> Choose your language and click submit.
-->> More then likely it says at the bottom "All tests passed". Go to the next page with "Continue".
If you are behind a firewall or do not have internet access this may fail as the install script tries to check for the latest version on dev.cmsmadesimple. To overcome this and allow installation to continue change the Default version check url to none on the BASE_DIR/include.php file.
-->> Leave the File Creation Mask at 022 and click "Continue".
-->> Fill in your "Admin Account Information". Fill in whatever you want, as long as you remember it. Don't check the "E-Mail Account Information" checkbox. Click "Continue".
-->> Give your site the name you want.
-->> Fill in the Database Info (username=root, no password, the rest like in the picture). Click "Continue".
-->> If everything went well the next page appears with at the bottom "Success". Click "Continue".
When you see next message you are done installing and you can almost start playing:
-->> If you see this message you can almost start playing.

-->> Don't install additional modules yet. You can do that very easy from within CMS Made Simple when you are ready for it.

-->> Now remove the install directory "c:\xampp\htdocs\cmsmadesimple\install" or CMS Made Simple" complains about it for security reasons.

-->> Start the backend of "CMS Made Simple", go to http://localhost/cmsmadesimple/admin and login with the username and password you set earlier.

:-->> Because you did not set the mail settings before, it is better to uninstall the module "CMSMailer" because "CMS Made Simple" will complain about that too. Go to "Extensions/Modules" and click on "Uninstall" behind CMSMailer. If you want to experiment with the mailer later, you can come back here and "Install" it again.

-->> You are ready to play now. For the backend point your browser to http://localhost/cmsmadesimple/admin and for the frontend, the part your users would normally see point your browser to http://localhost/cmsmadesimple.

:Note: Of course you can install whatever web-based software on your local Apache Web Server. That has notihing to do with CMS Made Simple but is a lot of fun too. Install it in e.g. c:\wamp\www\xxx and point your browser to http://localhost/xxx. Examples of very nice webbased software are Jalbum, Gallery2, Phpwebgallery, Sitebar and many many more.

Have a lot of fun.

This page was created by neeltje57.

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