From the Menu select "Content/News".
Make sure you red the Add/Edit News page in the Getting Started Section.


News -- a bit of a different creature, because it is actually a module. To insert news into a page that contains other content you would want to put this code into the Content section of your page: {cms_module module="News"} or the short version {news}.
Important: your {news} tag must be inside the main {content} section or else when you click "more" it will not display the full detailed news article.
Note: Under some circumstances using the {news} tag directly inside a page and call for specific selected articles, like from a specific category, {news} may not be working. In such cases the tag {cms_module module="news"} can solve the problem. For a category it looks like this: {cms_module module="news" category="your_category"}.
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News can be added to your site automatically. As an editor, all you have to do is to navigate to "Content/News" in the Admin Console. To add a news article, click on “Add Article”.

If you want to read about the fields you have to fill in, go back to the Add News in the Getting Started section.

You may try to tune the timezone of your server if it is not hosted near its browsers.

Field Definitions

Field Definitions allow you to create additional fields for your news articles - e.g. to add consistent features like contact person, source, news image.
Note: In order for Field Definitions to show up when you put the code for them in your News template, you must check the "Public" box next to them.
Handy Tips & Tricks:
In file: modules/RSS/ line# 358 - Change "MAGPIE_OUTPUT_ENCODING" from "ISO-8859-1" to "UTF-8" solves the problem.

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