Go to the Current Users page by selecting "Users & Groups/Users".

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The list shows all the current user's login names. A green tick indicates that the user's account is active and the user can login. A red cross indicates that a user's account has been deactivated and the user cannot login.
The 'pen on notepad' icon opens up the edit user page (as does clicking on the user's login name). The 'trashcan' deletes a user.
Note that the user 'admin' cannot be deleted - although it's login name can be altered for security purposes if you wish.

Creating a New User

Go to the "Add New User" page by clicking on "Add New User". The following page will open.
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  • Type a name for the User and type a password twice.
  • Fields with * must be completed, so that's the first 3 on the screen
  • Make sure the little "Active" checkbox is checked/selected.
  • Select the group(s) you want the user to be part of.
  • Click SUBMIT button to create the user.
  • You are now back at the "Current Users" page with the new user included in it.

Editing an Existing User

This is almost identical to creating a new user account. Go to "Users & Groups/Users" and click on the user you want to edit. Make the changes and click the Submit button.

Reset a password

Go to the "Users & Groups/Users" and click on the user you want to change the password. Type the new password twice and click Submit.

Temporarily disable a user

Clearing the "Active" check box will temporarily prevent a user from logging in without deleting their account or losing their assignments or permissions. You can do this on the "Edit User" page (click on the appropriate user in "Users & Groups/Users"). An easier way is to go to "Users & Groups/Users" and click on the active sign True.gif. This will change the active status in inactive False.gif. That easy.

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